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Elk gets antlers stuck in backyard swing in Idaho

Elk IDFG Idaho Fish and Game.jpg
(Idaho Department of Fish and Game via KBOI)

KETCHUM, Idaho (KBOI) — Officers had their hands full with a bull elk Monday that got stuck in a backyard swing in Idaho.

Before officers arrived, the elk had broken free from the tree the swing was attached to, but the wooden seat and several feet of rope stayed caught in the antlers.

The bull elk was eventually anesthetized using a dart and the swing was removed.

This was the second time this bull had a run-in with a piece of backyard equipment. The first was in mid-October, when it got stuck in a large hammock and almost drowned in the Big Wood River.

All big game that receive an anesthetizing drug are given an ear tag with a unique ID number. IDFG found the tag and confirmed that it was the same elk that wandered into the river with the hammock.

Idaho Fish and Game used this opportunity as a reminder to all Wood River Valley residents to put away lawn furniture and playground equipment in the winter months.

“All backyard furniture and playground equipment needs to be removed and secured during the winter months,” said an IDFG spokesperson, “wildlife can easily get entangled in this equipment which puts the animal at risk, but it also puts the Fish and Game team at risk when using drugs to anesthetize the animal and working to free them from backyard equipment.”