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Alligator soaks up the salt water in Myrtle Beach

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Alligator soaks up the salt water in Myrtle Beach (Video: Kim Wallace)

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WPDE) – An alligator in Myrtle Beach on Friday proved humans aren't the only ones who like to get away and relax by the ocean.

One visitor to the Grand Strand got a surprise when she spotted a small alligator soaking in the ocean. Viewer Kim Wallace said she heard Alligator Adventure was on the way to rescue the animal because people were allowed back in the water after an hour.

"Well we’ve seen baby sharks, a stingray and multiple jellyfish at the beach this week. But NEVER DID I EVER expect to see this!!!" Wallace said on Facebook.

The giant reptiles have been seen a lot around the Grand Strand lately for multiple reasons.

The Snake Chaser, Russell Cavendar, said because they're so large and have small legs, alligators prefer to be and travel in water. With the recent dry weather the last few months, alligators have been on the move.

He said we're also seeing them more often because they're having less places to go because of all the development. Alligators live in the swamps and wetlands, but developments destroy their habitat.

Cavendar encourages people to enjoy the alligators and watch them from a safe distance. He compared it to going to a zoo and paying to see these animals.

He expressed the importance of never feeding an alligator. He said they've learned to feed themselves for millions of years and doesn't encourage anyone to do so.